So far so good ...

Actually, it is not so simple to produce real good material that is worth to be published in any way. But let's try!

In my eyes the percentage of valuable information in the Internet is decreasing. This is due to the rapidly growing number of web pages rather than to a decrease of intelligence in the world.
In one single area it seems that the Internet gets a growing importance for transfer of excellent information: Computer related data. But computers should not be a problem to be solved. Basically they should be a tool for solving problems that are existant also without computers.

An additional problem is that the average WWW user seems not to be interested in problem related information but just in "browsing" (cf. HERMES-Survey). So the pages will get more and more coloured, soundy, fancy, but not containing more information.

Here's a List of Links that IMHO contain at least somehow worthwile information:

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